The CHILD front project

Child friendly justice in the Greek and Cypriot courts

The CHILD Front project aims to promote the effective and coherent implementation of European child-friendly justice policy and legislation, focusing on Greece and Cyprus, the two Member States with the lowest scores in the European Union (2020 Justice Scoreboard) in terms of child-friendly justice.

To ensure a multidisciplinary approach, the project is being implemented by a consortium including specialized actors from the fields of judicial education, child psychology and child rights. The project is coordinated by the Centre for European Constitutional Law - Themistocles and Dimitris Tsatsos Foundation in collaboration with the Society for Social Psychiatry P. Sakellaropoulos, the Cyprus Family Planning Association, Save the Children Italy and the Centre for the Study of Democracy from Bulgaria; with the active support of the Greek Ministry of Justice, the National School of Judiciary (Greece) and the Judicial Training School (Cyprus).

The project included a mapping of the training needs of judges and prosecutors on child-friendly justice issues in Greece and Cyprus, as well as a survey of good practices worldwide. Based on the results of the research, targeted, practical training material was designed to be used in a series of cross-border and interdisciplinary training activities, both face-to-face and through this platform. The project will conclude with two final events, an international conference and a 'Policy Roundtable', which will take place in Thessaloniki.

The training needs assessment of judges and prosecutors in Greece and Cyprus report is available, in English, here.

The best practices report in child-friendly justice and training of judges and prosecutors is available, here.

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